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FREE Downtown Houston Transportation

Greenlink – Free Downtown Houston Transportation

We now have FREE and convenient downtown transportation in Houston!  The Greenlink bus is made in the U.S.A.(!)  by Gillig, LLC., and their plant is energy-efficient using a sustainable process, which includes recycling oil, water and packaging waste, reducing solvent use, using low VOC paint, and using zero-emission machinery.  The structure is made from recycled aluminum with a stainless steel understructure that combats corrosion, which will make the parts last longer.  The seven buses are fueled by compressed natural gas, and produce much less emissions and waste than comparable buses.

Let’s get to the fun part!   Greenlink runs east and west between City Hall and the George R. Brown, and north and south to Pease by way of Smith and Louisiana Streets.  This includes 18 stops near the Theatre District, Minute Maid Park, hotels, office buildings, shops (including Macy’s), restaurants, Discovery Green Park, Toyota Center…oh, my!  This covers the heart of downtown!  Buses run from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, and you should not ever have to wait more than 7-10 minutes for a bus to come by.

I’ve been telling people they could ride the Metro Rail from their new home to downtown to go to a ball game at Minute Maid Park, or they could go to see a Broadway show at The Hobby Center.  I could tell by their response that they are not willing to walk that far in the heat, rain, or whatever weather, and now, there is an air conditioned solution…and FREE!

Now who wants to help me talk them into weekend service?  Check out the map below for route details:


Brewing Beer the Green Way

My son is a big fan of craft beers.  Because he knows I am interested in supporting green businesses, he recently told me about the Southern Star Brewery  in Conroe, Texas.  For those of you outside of the Houston area, Conroe is about an hour north of Houston, close enough to call “local“.

They began their brewing in 2008 with a corporate model to work with local companies and manufacture in a sustainable manner.   Lee shared with me that this business produces so little trash (that would be what is left after recycling and re-using), that they only fill one dumpster a year.  How amazing!  They source their water from Conroe well water, they buy their cans “down the street” from a local can maker, and their spent grain (That’s the leftover fermented solid grains.), is used to feed local cattle.

Recently they made a new business contact in Conroe.  Let’s Recycle, LLC will allow them to recycle almost 100% of the waste generated at the brewery.  They are excited about working with a local, EPA certified company, and look forward to a long partnership that benefits both the environment and both companies.  This sounds like the perfect partnership!

CHEERS to Southern Star Brewery!

Green Resolutions

How far have you come in the last year?  What new green practices have you added to your business and family life?  At the end of the old year on the brink of the new year, we always find ourselves evaluating the past and figuring on how we can make the future year a better one.

One resolution I had for 2011 was to create this blog in order to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as create discussion.  It has caused me to research other bloggers and learn from them.  It has made me more aware of green efforts around me, because each one could be an opportunity for a blog.  It has also made me more accountable, as though my readers are looking over my shoulder making sure I put food scraps in the compost container on my kitchen counter top instead of the disposal.

I’ve added compact tote bags to my traditional stocking stuffers for the second year.  I found myself trying to buy products made in the U.S., but had great difficulty.  Maybe next year will be easier.

Let me know how you have progressed over this past year, in making an effort to live a more sustainable and healthy life.  I’d love reading your ideas and perhaps, I could learn something, too!

Happy New Year and have one full of green living!

Fast Food a “no-no”
December 28, 2011, 9:23 am
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In a previous post (12/17/11), I mentioned the philosophy behind the Filament Theatre Ensemble in Chicago.  Part of their mission to make it a sustainable and green business has motivated them to develop some uncommon practices that are worth mentioning.

Actors and the staff do not bring fast food into work or rehearsal.  The reason behind this is it breeds an enormous amount of trash and garbage, most of which is not able to be recycled.  What a great idea for all businesses!  They have a crock pot on hand for slow-cooking food for the cast.

No more styrofoam cups and containers, non-recyclable plastic containers, plastic bags, and on and on!

Does your workplace discourage fast food?