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Missing my Exercise Already!
Washing your car in your driveway on a summer day, as kids ride by on their bikes and your dog contentedly chews on a tennis ball in the front yard: it’s an idyllic movie scene, but is it the best way to get your car clean?Your car is a major investment, and there’s no question that keeping it clean will help retain its value. Dirt, road salt, acid rain, treesap, bird poop, squashed bugs and general grimeall wear away at your car. They dull the paint, corrode the metal and make your car more vulnerable to rust. Plus, it’s hard to take pride in a grimy car.Everyone loves the look of a car that is clean and new, fresh from the dealership. You can reclaim some of that new-car pride just by scrubbing off the dirt and polishing up the finish. But the question remains: is it better to wash your car yourself or go to the car wash?While you might think you are saving money by washing your car at home, there are many benefits to taking a spin through the car wash. When considering a trip to the car wash, be sure to factor in the following benefits of getting a professional wash.

The Right Tools

It’s easy to spend a small fortune in car wash solution, polish, tire brushes, chamois and other tools when washing your car at home. A professional car wash is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively wash your car.

Water Conservation

While water conservation efforts can become mandatory during a drought, it’s even better to conserve water year-round. Professional car washes often use much less water than at-home washing, particularly if they are recycling and reusing rinse water.

Environmental Safety

When washing your car at home, all the dirt, grime, soap suds and other pollutants get washed into the street and down the storm drain system, affecting local water quality. Because of this, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends commercial car washes over at-home washing.

Time-saving Convenience

There’s no doubt that taking a drive to a nearby car wash is more convenient than lugging out all your car wash supplies, scrubbing down your car, rinsing, drying, cleaning up and packing up all the supplies. When considering the cost of a professional car wash, don’t forget to weigh it against the value of your own time.

Fun for the Family

Face it, there is something just plain fun about a professional car wash. Kids love either riding through the bay in the car or running alongside the windows looking into the bay. You can’t help but smile when your car comes out shiny and clean. It’s fun to feel proud of your car, so don’t
let that feeling get buried under a layer of road grime.

…and I’ve always wanted to wash my own car, because it’s such great exercise!  I’ll just have to walk or bike further, I guess, because I never thought about all the grunge going into the street gutters, drain, off to the bayou and out to the bay–not good!!


Knollwood Water Main Breaks

Because of our extended drought in Southeastern Texas, there have been an unusual number of water main breaks.  I think the City of Houston was repairing 100/day and the backlog was 900, and they decided to get the private sector involved.  They are working around the clock to keep water from just flowing down the drains!  Some people have purchased pumps and pumped the water out of the street gutters and on to their lawns.  Hurray for these resourceful people!

The street pictured is in my Knollwood neighborhood and I think there were at least three breaks in this one block.  City crews arrived today and I caught a worker repairing the last one in this block.  Thank you, City of Houston, for hiring people who are willing and able to work in the intense heat and around the clock, to save water!

Do you know of others working in the heat every day to make a difference in the quality of life of your neighborhood?