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Don’t Let Me Plant Tomatoes!
November 27, 2011, 4:27 pm
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I was very excited about the prospects of my fall garden, that warm day in September.  I believe it was 104 degrees F. when I bought my tomato plants right before Labor Day weekend.

The Arkansas Traveler promised by the nurseryman to be a real winner, has grown to be over 6′ tall, but very few tomatoes and the ones that are there are about the size of golf balls and that bush has had a million worms!  …not doing that one anymore!

The Husky Red were said to be great at setting in the heat.  They have not lived up to the billing, but have become wilted at the slightest wind, and have turned pale.  …not doing that one anymore!

The Celebrity bush is our best producer in the summers most years.  However, it did not set any blooms until the temperature finally decided to drop.  Therefore, its tomatoes might be candidates for some kind of green tomato relish.  We’ll plant this one in the spring.

The star of the fall tomatoes has been the Solar Fire variety.  There are several presently on the window sill in the kitchen, and several more on the bush.

A lot of wind has caused the tomato plants to blow over and pull the cages out of the dirt.  The victim of most of the wind damage has been the cucumber vines.

After dealing with this about five times this fall, I pushed the pot up against the south side of the house and used wire cutters to remove most of the tomato cage that had supported (sort of) the cucumber  since September.  There are so many small cucumbers growing and I can’t stand to give up on this plant.  But the foliage is literally piled in to the pot!

Next year please remind me not to plant tomatoes!  I think I’ll try lettuce and greens!


Fall Garden: Planted!

This morning I got a head start on the Labor Day weekend and planted my organic garden, which is in pots.  First, I took the rich dark soil from the bottom of my compost pile and mixed it with a commercial organic soil mix.  Then, I took out the soil that supported the summer garden, and put it in the mix.  Then I had plenty of room to plant the tomatoes really deep and maximize the root growth.

From the top of the picture toward the bottom:  Cucumber Dasher with a tomato cage to support the vine, Celebrity Tomato, Rosemary, Husky Red Tomato, Solar Fire Tomato and Arkansas Traveler Celebrity has been a winner for us for several years, but I have never tried the others.  They are advertised as “heat tolerant“, so I’m banking on that!  On the south side of the house they get early morning shade and plenty of afternoon sun, which will become less harsh as the sun falls in its lower arc for the winter (I can’t wait!).  And they will get more morning sun once the trees lose their leaves in November and December.

Planting my garden gives me a spirit of optimism with a new beginning.   I look forward to sharing the progress.  …and rain would be nice!