Gail of Green Living

Green Resolutions

How far have you come in the last year?  What new green practices have you added to your business and family life?  At the end of the old year on the brink of the new year, we always find ourselves evaluating the past and figuring on how we can make the future year a better one.

One resolution I had for 2011 was to create this blog in order to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as create discussion.  It has caused me to research other bloggers and learn from them.  It has made me more aware of green efforts around me, because each one could be an opportunity for a blog.  It has also made me more accountable, as though my readers are looking over my shoulder making sure I put food scraps in the compost container on my kitchen counter top instead of the disposal.

I’ve added compact tote bags to my traditional stocking stuffers for the second year.  I found myself trying to buy products made in the U.S., but had great difficulty.  Maybe next year will be easier.

Let me know how you have progressed over this past year, in making an effort to live a more sustainable and healthy life.  I’d love reading your ideas and perhaps, I could learn something, too!

Happy New Year and have one full of green living!


Thank you, Target!

Thank you, Target for being a business encouraging green living!  As I walk into my Knollwood neighborhood Target, near the Medical Center,  I see their recycling bins for (1) cart wipes, (2) trash, (3) glass, plastic and aluminum, (4) plastic bags, and (5) MP3s, cellphones, and ink cartridges.  How handy is that?  If your apartment or neighborhood recycling system does not collect these items, bring them next time you shop.

And if you bring a reusable shopping bag, they will take 5 cents off your shopping total for each bag you bring.

Thanks again, Target!  What stores do you know that encourage green living?