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Talking about “No” Bugs!

Remember my post “Not Always Good Results”?  I thought I had lost the battle I was having with mealy bugs on my green bell pepper plant.

NOT my usual beautiful green bell pepper plant!

I thought I would remove all the leaves that were damaged by either my vinegar/water bug repellent or the bugs.  After that, I fed the plant with organic bone meal and epsom salts, alternating weeks.

Now, there are many healthy leaves as well as blooms and small peppers!  And there are no bugs (today anyway).  I even enjoyed one in a salad.

So don’t give up when bugs come to call on your organic garden!  Attention and patience can work to turn the situation around in your favor!

Share your success stories for insect control and organic gardening; I’d like to hear your story!


Not Always Good Results!
August 28, 2011, 10:07 pm
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NOT my usual beautiful green bell pepper plant!

Last week I went out to see why my green bell pepper plant had not perked up after watering and noticed mealy bugs all over the underside of most of the leaves!  My organic garden instructions for mealy bugs state that you are to take a Q-tip, soak it in 100% vinegar and then swab the bugs.  Just look at how many leaves I’m talking about here…and you can’t see all the leaves that have dropped in the last two days!  So I thought I would just use my vinegar/water sprayer, add a cup or so of vinegar to the small amount of half water/half vinegar solution, and give the leaves a good spraying.  I have sprayed water from a hose in the past to get rid of pests, and it worked.

Now those of you not in the drought/record heat area of the U.S. right now, need to know that is where the green bell pepper plant lives.  Yesterday the temperature climbed to 109 and today was 106, I think.  Anyway, the result has been lots and lots of dropped leaves and many of the ones that remain are burned.

Since the plants are in a pot, we have moved it to more shade, and we are trying to wait patiently for temperatures to drop.  I am confident new leaves will appear in the fall, and I will have a bumper crop of organic green bell peppers.

Have you ever seen someone post a disaster like this?  I learned something and wanted to pass it on…don’t spray a plant with organic or non-organic spray and let the intense heat and sun burn the leaves!  And try to stay cool!