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Ready for Fall Garden!

I’m very sure I am ready for Fall!  We had a “teaser” cool front a couple of weeks ago, and another is promised next week.  But the heat returned and cut my enthusiasm for gardening quite a bit. While it was cool, I did spend some time trimming dead limbs off my tomato plants and I think they will be good until we have a freeze.

Free tomato plant

This is my tomato plant I found in my Amaryllis a couple of months ago.  It is producing grape tomatoes now.  Since I never grew this variety before, I will have to assume the seeds came from my compost.

Free 2 Tomato Plant

This is the free plant that appeared in my Cilantro.  I think it’s another cherry tomato variety.  For those who have followed my blog for a while, I promised I would raise no tomatoes this fall.  But I have trouble with that when the plants are just there anyway!  And I have some of the bush varieties that started putting out new growth and blooms!

Bush tomato plant

There is a chance we could have a bumper crop of those nice bush tomatoes this fall!

I’ll update herbs next time.  I even have some to share.   Find out which ones are doing well in my garden in the next post!


More Odd Couples in the Garden

In early July, I posted about Odd Couples in the Garden, and I continue to find them in this hot, dry spell we are having in Houston.  Since my gardening is confined to containers, I must water every day during this time.

I have the prettiest basil in the pots with my Amaryllis bulbs!  The original basil plant is just on the other side of this pot, and it looks really terrible at this point, but it certainly sent out lots of seeds in neighboring pots to take over!

Bush Tomato

This bush tomato still hasn’t been transplanted into another pot.  I did transplant the other, and it is doing great, and like I suspected, it is a grape/cherry tomato and already has tomatoes on it.  First cloudy day, I promise to transplant it!

Cilantro and Company

This is the pot where I plant Cilantro in the Fall and early Spring.  A seed fell in the pot and the poor plant is struggling through the heat.  On the right, we have a sturdy Bluebonnet starting.  The bluebonnets were next to this pot in the Spring.  And on the left, we have another stray tomato.  I think I’m moving this family to the shade!

Have you adopted any stray plants and had success?

Early Spring Garden- Newer Herbs

Curly Parsley

My last post was about the herbs that have been in pots on the patio for many years.  There are some herbs I’ve had to re-pot or buy new over the years.  One is Curly Parsley.  I think I had one plant for about 10 years, but the present plant I started last year.  It loves the winter cold weather and that makes the curly part very tight.  In the summer, I have to keep it in the shade and try to protect it from the heat and still it gets more flat and “leggy”.  Did you know that eating a sprig of parsley will take care of bad breath?

Flat-Leafed Parsley

Flat-Leafed Parsley or Italian Parsley is an ingredient I need for a new favorite recipe, Turkey Meatloaf.  My cousin has it planted with pansies in a large pot at her front door and it is beautiful!  Mine is new and small and welcome in my garden!


Cilantro is different because the seeds germinate in the dark.  I haven’t figured out a way to grow this herb in the summer in Houston. It quickly goes to seed with the heat.  But in the Fall and Spring, it’s there!  It’s a necessity for cooking Mexican food and is also good in turkey burgers.

Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet is a great plant for a window box or basket.  It has really unusual blooms that are more like buds.  The taste is like cucumber, so if you are not cucumber tolerant, you can put the foliage in salads.  Salad Burnet is light freeze and heat tolerant and just keeps going.  What an easy plant to grow!

I’m open to other new herbs in my garden.  Let me know what I’m missing!