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Going GREEN on Lights
November 28, 2012, 11:33 am
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After last year’s pitiful outdoor light display, I threw out those bad/not-working lights, and bought solar LED lights during the summer.  I have had trouble finding lights after Thanksgiving, seeing only empty shelves where they were in September, I guess!I felt brilliant, thinking of moving pots of Kalonchoes over where the spike needed to go in the ground.  But that area will not get the west sun until after noon in the winter.

This is another attempt at maximizing the sun’s rays.  This is a very narrow area between the garage and a fence on the west side of the house.  If the spike were in the ground, the sun would shine on the solar cell about an hour a day, I think, so I placed it in a brick that happens to have holes in it.  Putting it on the fence, brought the solar cell up about  6 feet and eliminated the shadow caused by the fence.

This solar cell is on the north side of the house, and if it were at ground level, would not see the sun until April.  So I have taped this on to the gutter, in hopes that it is receiving a good amount of sun during the day now.  And did this all work?

Although dim the first night, I think if I take 2 more solar cells and raise them to the roof level, they will receive enough sun to make the lights brighter and stay on longer.  I need to move 2 of them up higher, for sure.

Have you had challenges with outdoor solar lighting in the winter?  I realize in Houston, we have longer days than in the North.