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Ready for Fall Garden!

I’m very sure I am ready for Fall!  We had a “teaser” cool front a couple of weeks ago, and another is promised next week.  But the heat returned and cut my enthusiasm for gardening quite a bit. While it was cool, I did spend some time trimming dead limbs off my tomato plants and I think they will be good until we have a freeze.

Free tomato plant

This is my tomato plant I found in my Amaryllis a couple of months ago.  It is producing grape tomatoes now.  Since I never grew this variety before, I will have to assume the seeds came from my compost.

Free 2 Tomato Plant

This is the free plant that appeared in my Cilantro.  I think it’s another cherry tomato variety.  For those who have followed my blog for a while, I promised I would raise no tomatoes this fall.  But I have trouble with that when the plants are just there anyway!  And I have some of the bush varieties that started putting out new growth and blooms!

Bush tomato plant

There is a chance we could have a bumper crop of those nice bush tomatoes this fall!

I’ll update herbs next time.  I even have some to share.   Find out which ones are doing well in my garden in the next post!


I’m Ready to Know the Answer
September 13, 2012, 11:12 pm
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Red and Green Bell Peppers

Someone let me know why this happens: one pepper is green, the other red, and they are from the same stem! I used to think maybe it’s because winter peppers are on the bush so long and they turn red after a while. Now, these are summer peppers. Don’t say it’s the soil, because they are on the same stem, same soil, same organic fertilizers…are they fraternal twins? I have a couple of daughters like that!