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Summer Garden Teaches Flexibility!

Some of life’s big moments have taught me to be flexible.  Being a parent was a big one!  I had to change habits, ignore preconceived ideas about perfect children, and learn to manage my time better.  Being a real estate agent is another moment, which taught me that I must let my clients change their minds on what they want and need.  I need to manage my time even more, in order to be flexible when my Sellers want me to market their home or a Buyer is off from work and is ready to look for their dream home.  And this year, my garden has taught me to be flexible about my expectations regarding production, the weather, the time I have to focus on it, and on and on.  I continue to learn so much every season!

Basil Seedlings

Basil Seeds

The Basil has gone to seed, but the good news is that some of the seeds have already fallen and sprouted and have started a whole new crop of beautiful basil plants.  Does anyone need some organic basil seeds?

Purple Hull Peas Blooms

Both the Purple Hull Peas and the Yard-Long Beans produced  enough beans to pick, and then, haven’t bloomed again.  The purple hulls just started blooming again last week, and the yard-long beans are just parked in the “staying alive” mode.  Normally, beans and peas are constantly blooming and you can pick some every day, once they start, and this is always my expectation.  I am fertilizing with organic fertilizer every other week, just like I have for a long time.  This is just odd behavior!

Kentucky Wonder Bean Foliage

Look at all that foliage from the Kentucky Wonder Beans, and not a bloom or bean to be seen!  I’ve given it organic fertilizer, water, and still nothing! This is not at all what I expected here!

Better Bush Tomatoes

I had to cover tomatoes with netting this year, because the squirrels were having a feast on them!  That makes it hard for me to have access to them, too, and I finally took off the netting this week, because there wasn’t much for the squirrels to eat anymore.  I found three gi-normous horn worms on this plant.  I guess protecting the plant from squirrels allows horn worms to graze freely without my notice or birds’ access to them either!


Ending on a positive note…the blueberry bushes have put on a lot of new growth, and I am so pleased with the progress.  I look forward to enjoying more than the three berries I ate this summer.  The birds ate the rest!  Next year as soon as blooming begins, the net will go over these precious plants to protect the berries from those hungry Mockingbirds!

Has your garden ever taught you flexibility?

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How you keep things growing in Houston this time of year is beyond me. I could learn so much from you.

Comment by lulu

I would love for you to send me a picture of a blueberry bush with blueberries on it. I’d love to see how large they are and how many berries I could possibly expect from one bush in the future. I am totally nurturing my bushes by the seat of my pants!! Thanks for reading!

Comment by Gail of Green Living

Blueberries should start coming in in a couple of weeks. Those I see are wild Maine berries and may not be indicative of what you can expect from your effort. Only bad thing about those little beauties is that it takes a while to gather enough for a pie!

Comment by lulu

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