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Brightwell Blueberry Bushes

Brightwell Blueberry Bushes

Brightwell Blueberry Bushes–I like the alliteration!  Last Saturday Urban Harvest had their fruit tree sale I’ve been anticipating.  I chose the Brightwell variety, because the sign said they had “heavy production“.  Thank you, Mr. Brightwell, for your research in developing this variety.  I don’t understand why someone would choose a variety with “lesser” production.  I’m glad I was early so I could buy these!   My limited research says that the berries will be large and juicy, and almost seedless.  They should ripen in June and July and be of excellent quality.  Since a serving of blueberries has been part of my breakfast every day for several years now, I will look forward to finding them in my backyard, rather than my freezer or refrigerator.  I’ll let my grandson pick the first one; he loves blueberries!

Brightwell Blueberry

Here’s a close-up view of some of the berries that have already set.  The lady from Urban Harvest was considerate to tell me that they require sandy and acidic soil, or it wouldn’t work.  Houston has clay soil that leans toward alkaline, if you are not careful.  So I went to Southwest Fertilizer and told them I needed sandy, acidic soil for my blueberries, and the gentleman asked me to turn around, and facing me was a stack of soil bags labeled “Blueberry Mix“!  What a deal!   Urban Harvest also told me that coffee grounds would be great for the soil, too.

I feel like I have done something correctly the first time, for a change.  I usually have to experiment and find the best practices on my own.  But now that there are so many people who are limited in garden space in Houston, container gardening is very popular and there are lots of classes and places to find information online.

Have you tried something new this year?

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