Gail of Green Living

Early Spring Garden–Real Food

Mustard Greens

We are enjoying fresh Mustard Greens at least once a week.  When the leaves are picked before they become the size of a dinner plate, they are so tender and full of flavor.  It’s about 15 minutes from this picture to the dinner table.  Talk about healthy fast-food!

Collard Greens

Collard Greens are also very tender when picked leaf by leaf at an early stage.  They need to cook just a few more minutes, and the flavor is so much better than even the organic greens at the supermarket.  I have experienced no bugs and both kinds of greens have more than paid for themselves already!

Better Bush Tomatoes

Someone finally told me there is no way to control a six-foot tomato plant in a pot!  You are supposed to grow “bush” varieties in pots.  So here we go with Better Bush Tomatoes!  They do have stocky stems and the foliage is more compact.  I planted four of these, and I’ll let you know how the fruit tastes.

Early Girl Bush

Early Girl Bush is the other variety of bush-tomatoes I’m growing.  They don’t seem so stocky, but they have already started showing signs of blooming.  They are early!

More veggies are planted and will be mentioned in the next post.  Get your garden started, Houston!

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