Gail of Green Living

Early Spring Garden–“Forgotten Herbs”


How could I have forgotten to mention Peppermint in my post on “old” herbs??  I just trimmed it back a couple of weeks ago, and with our recent rains, it is gorgeous again!  It’s not so happy in the summer, but if you have a cool shady spot in your yard, you could have a pretty ground-cover in no time!


“The Sage in bloom is like perfume, Deep in the Heart of Texas!”  And it is, indeed!  I put sage in poultry recipes.  This plant has been around several years and tolerates temperature extremes well.


The Chives have been around a long, long time.  Last year I took them out of a pot, and they were very root-bound.  I cut a small portion out and re-potted them, and I put them in a larger pot this year.  The rest I gave to a school that was starting a vegetable garden.  Chives are great in salads and to use when you don’t have any onion and you need one.

You don’t ever need to put chemical fertilizers or bug repellent on these herbs.  Add compost once or twice a year and water when they tell you they need it.

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