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Early Spring Garden- Newer Herbs

Curly Parsley

My last post was about the herbs that have been in pots on the patio for many years.  There are some herbs I’ve had to re-pot or buy new over the years.  One is Curly Parsley.  I think I had one plant for about 10 years, but the present plant I started last year.  It loves the winter cold weather and that makes the curly part very tight.  In the summer, I have to keep it in the shade and try to protect it from the heat and still it gets more flat and “leggy”.  Did you know that eating a sprig of parsley will take care of bad breath?

Flat-Leafed Parsley

Flat-Leafed Parsley or Italian Parsley is an ingredient I need for a new favorite recipe, Turkey Meatloaf.  My cousin has it planted with pansies in a large pot at her front door and it is beautiful!  Mine is new and small and welcome in my garden!


Cilantro is different because the seeds germinate in the dark.  I haven’t figured out a way to grow this herb in the summer in Houston. It quickly goes to seed with the heat.  But in the Fall and Spring, it’s there!  It’s a necessity for cooking Mexican food and is also good in turkey burgers.

Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet is a great plant for a window box or basket.  It has really unusual blooms that are more like buds.  The taste is like cucumber, so if you are not cucumber tolerant, you can put the foliage in salads.  Salad Burnet is light freeze and heat tolerant and just keeps going.  What an easy plant to grow!

I’m open to other new herbs in my garden.  Let me know what I’m missing!

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African Basil is a beautiful, profilic and hardy addition to my herb garden. Last summer’s heat seemed to invigorate rather than destroy it! The purple-blue flowers are so lovely; I cut them for vases indoors. The flavor is stronger than other basils. My neighbor made a yummy pesto with this basil. Easy to grown in pots or in the ground.

Comment by Karen Ethun

Thanks for the idea, Karen. I have organic basil growing from seed in the house. It is so sensitive to the cold, I’m waiting another week or so before putting it out in the pot. I will look for African basil; it sounds wonderful!

Comment by Gail of Green Living

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