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Heat It Up!

There are a few weeds in my compost!  They keep coming up; they do not care if there is a drought or a freeze.  Weeds are relentless!  I did some research this morning to see how I can minimize weeds in the future.


The USDA and the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Cooperative Extension Service have some solutions:  (1)Add a microbial source. Top the organic layer with a 1-inch layer of soil or completed compost. Doing so delivers the microbes needed for decomposition and reduces the leaching of mineral nutrients during the composting process.

(2)  Add nitrogen, either as ammonium sulfate or manure works, too.

(3)  Water each layer (I do that regularly), and make sure it isn’t soggy.

(4) Give it air.  Punch holes in the side of it.  I find turning it incorporates air into it.  Turning is supposed to keep the temperature more uniform.  The center of the pile should reach about 145 degrees F.  With the proper temperature, the volume is reduced, odors dissipate and those pesky weed seeds die.  For some reason, mine has not been getting there!!

(5)  If you do get weeds, pull them out before they have a chance to go to seed.


“I’ve turned over a new leaf” on this project by turning, adding ammonium sulfate and more watering !  Are there other ideas I’m missing?

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