Gail of Green Living

Be a Responsible Shopper!

When I’m shopping, I am trying to be aware of where products are made.  I am focused on buying products made in the U.S. to benefit our economy and also cut the shipping expenses and carbon footprint coming from other countries.  One area I’ve found that is easy to make a difference is in green cleaning products.  I found Seventh Generation dryer sheets on my last shopping trip, and a word on the box got my attention right away…”compostable“!  On the back side of the box is some education material that makes me feel good about deciding to buy this product.  The product is free and clear of dyes, fragrances and masking agents.

“If every household in the U.S. replaced just one box of polyester fabric softener sheets with our paper sheets, and composted after use, we could prevent 7,400 tons of solid waste from entering our landfills, equivalent to 780 garbage trucks”!

And this company dedicates 10% of their profit to organizations working for positive change.

I’ll let you know how it breaks down in the compost pile…if I can!  Let me know if you have suggestions for better household products.

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