Gail of Green Living

Medical Center Make-over

In July, Tom bought a house just east of the Medical Center that was built in 1940.  Some of the typical design features of that period include a pier and beam foundation, double sash wood windows, small tile in the bathroom floors, and trim around windows and doors that has detail.  This house did not have central air and heat, but an attic fan and window units.

The first improvement to the house is new windows, and what a difference new windows make!  These are insulated windows, double paned, single sash, and with screens.  The frames are made of a composite of wood and vinyl.  According to the window salesman, vinyl frames expand/retract quite a bit with temperature fluctuations.  Direct sunlight makes the expansion even greater.  After years of cycles, the argon between the panes will escape allowing in humid air.  The water eventually condenses and clouds the view.

On a beautiful fall day like today, you wonder why he needed the next step…air conditioning!  I’ll tell you about his great plan for an a/c next time.

What kind of green remodeling are you doing to bring real value to your home?

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