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Not your Usual Compost Materials

Our family has been recycling since the early 70’s, and composting is part of recycling.   The end product is there for you to use in your garden.  There are the obvious candidates for the pile…leaves, grass clippings, small branches and twigs and even an occasional banana peel.

My Living Compost

From the top, our tomato vines from this summer’s crop; I need to clip them up into smaller pieces so they will break down faster.  In the middle is a mixture of yard waste from a neighbor, and at the front you can see some really rich, dark soil ready to mix in the pots for my fall vegetables.  The pile can reduce from about 3′ high to 1′ high quickly with frequent watering and turning.

But I have recently learned of several items that I had not ever thought to compost.  Here are the Top Ten:
10. Pizza boxes, torn into small pieces; you can even include pizza crust.
9.  Cellophane bags, not clear plastic (amazing!)
8.  Wine corks…of course, they are organic!
7.  Old jelly, jam or preserves; who has any that is old?
6.  Old loofahs
5.  Dryer lint; the birds also like this for nesting material.
4.  Pencil shavings from your sharpener and also hole puncher confetti.
3.  Contents of the vacuum cleaner bag or cannister–just take it back outside from where it came.
2.  Hair from your brush or shower drain, or bring it home when you get a haircut.
1.  Latex balloons

By creating a working, living compost pile we can make more room in our land fill and save the life of our disposal, too!  The result is organic, rich dark soil material to add to our garden and pot plants, instead of chemicals.  Let me know how yours is working!

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