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Recycle! It’s not Garbage Anymore
August 5, 2011, 2:07 pm
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RECYCLE receptacle in downtown Seattle

While visiting my daughter last year in Seattle, I was so impressed at how much the city and businesses are doing to embrace the idea of taking care of the environment.  From the Link light rail ride from the airport to my B & B downtown ($2.50 or $1.25 for senior), to my wait in the airport, I observed so many examples that seem easy to implement.  At the airport in each seating area are three bins for recycling, one for mixed paper, one for plastic and one for trash.
The recycle bins pictured above are on every block of the streets downtown and other areas of the city.  Solar trash compactors are also found downtown.  I watched the recycle containers being emptied by Public Works at night.
Apartment dwellers have opportunities, too.  Multiple bins are in place for metal/aluminum, paper/cardboard, plastic, and glass.  You can take your recycling out any hour of any day of the week, and it’s gone!  How convenient is that?!
Buses have run on electric wires for years, but buses that are not electric, I observed most, if not all,  to be hybrid.
The guys at the Pike Street Fish Market put their merchandise in biodegradable bags, written in large letters on the bag.  Those guys are proud to be making a difference!
Molly’s Ice Cream Shop has paper cups and plastic spoons that are compostable.  There is a sign stating so right above the receptacle labeled “compost“, not “trash”.
Recycle or Compost; it’s not garbage or trash anymore!”

What is your city doing to make recycling easy and convenient for the citizens?

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How great, Cousin Gail, that you are posting these green blogs to encourage others to recycle. I do remember noticing three receptacles for trash and recycling in the Frankfurt Airport when I landed there in 1996 on a trip with Baylor friends to southern Germany. The Germans were way ahead of the Americans on the recycling front. I’m delighted that we are catching up now. In San Antonio we have big blue cans for recycling that are picked up once a week, and big black cans for regular trash that are also picked up once a week. Kudos to the Recyclers of the World! Our grandchildren will have room to exist in this world if we all continue to recyle.
Carol Walter Russell

Comment by Carol Walter Russell

Did you know that if you throw something in the wrong bin–you can be fined? I threw a recyclable cup in the trash bin at Starbucks and had to dig it out or be fined!!!

Comment by Jan

When my conspicuous-consuming, good-ole-boy Texan son lived in Seattle, he became a recycling Nazi. The garbage men out there traveled with clipboard in hand and if you had something recyclable in with the garbage, they ticketed you right there on the spot. They sure made a convert out of him. Recycle or Perish!

Comment by Diane Hanks

You think Seattle is good, you should see Germany. There’s a joke that every house has five bins, and it takes four of them to recycle a teabag. Yes, it looses something in translation, but it’s something to have multiple recycling bins in the U-Bahn station — they even separate recyclable food packaging from just plain old cardboard or plastic?

Comment by Laura Nash

Someone should start up a sorting company and let them throw it altogether. Is it the government or private enterprise that does all this?

Comment by Gail of Green Living

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