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Not a Greenhouse!
July 24, 2011, 2:46 pm
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Garden Enclosure

This is no greenhouse, but a garden enclosure.  This structure is perfect for our warm climate, because where we live, a greenhouse is good about two weeks a year.  The rest of the time it gets too hot.  Made of vinyl coated hardware cloth, this structure is rodent and bird proof.  The owner puts toads and lizards inside to keep the bug population down.  The plants are protected somewhat from the harsh sun, hail and wind.

Tatume, a squash-like plant

The Sweet Millions and Sweet One Hundreds continue to produce inside the garden enclosure.

This is a green Tatume parked on the stone foundation that is about two feet high.

This is the port for the irrigation system inside the garden enclosure.  The black is like the white plant cloth that is used to cover plants during a freeze.  But this black cloth keeps out weeds and keeps the soil from splashing up on the plants and causing disease.

If you wonder how the tomato plants have been doing, notice how far they have grown out of the top of the garden enclosure!  I am so impressed with the garden system.  The owner has okra growing in the front beds, here outside the enclosure and I think I saw one in the enclosure, too.    He includes flowers and vegetables in his garden design to make a beautiful and productive landscape!

Have you designed your vegetable/herb garden to be mixed with flowers and shrubs?

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