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Hot Water on Demand

An example of the Pex Plumbing System

My neighbors in Knollwood Subdivision chose to install a Pex plumbing system in their new home instead of a tankless water heater.  I had not heard this, but it takes a long time for the tankless water heater to go from the source to the faucet.  There is lots of water waste with this system.

Pex plumbing systems have been around for 30 years. Because I am not a plumber nor an engineer, I investigated this system further and found great explanations from the owner/architect and a builder who uses the system in his homes. It is a very durable system, not breaking in sub freezing weather, because it is able to contract and expand.  The material does not corrode, or experience mineral buildup.  And the methods used to construct the system do not call for blow torches.  It is easier on the contractor and the homeowner.

The owners also have installed filters that take the chlorine out of their shower water, their ice maker water and drinking water.  I really like these ideas!

What other water-saving construction methods do you know?

The picture above was found from my web search on BuildIQ.

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