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Front flower beds include okra plants and cosmos

I have a treat for you blog readers!  Neighbors on my street in Knollwood have recently built a new house where their old house was, and I have learned a great deal from these architect/home owners regarding new construction and the options that are available to consumers.

Why did they want to build a new house?  They had lived in their home since 1972 and wanted to remodel kitchen space, put the utility room in the house, and thought about remodeling the bathrooms, as well.  As they thought and dreamed about what they wanted, they found the foundation needing repair, and more than likely, it was because the plumbing waste line was rotting under the slab.  Putting remodeling money into this house became an unrealistic plan.

Then they began thinking about a new house, one that would be comfortable for them for the rest of their lives, with wide doorways, open floor plan and space for enjoying hobbies and interests.  They were very budget conscious and with thorough research, they developed very strong feelings about their needs and wants.  They wanted features that would cause this home to be durable and require minimum maintenance.

Recycling parts of their old house was accomplished by giving their recently installed insulated aluminum windows from the old house, to their daughter, who lives a few blocks away.  They also gave her the interior and exterior doors and carpet from this home.  So she was able to upgrade her home with these products.  The salvage company saved the hardwood flooring, so it was not wasted.

I will take you through some areas of their home that are very different from any I have ever seen as a Realtor.   And I hope you will comment freely with questions, and I will get answers for you.

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