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Granny was Green!
July 4, 2011, 10:58 am
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Granny loved to go fishing!

Granny was the best role model for living green!  We thought she was old-fashioned, but as I grew up, I realized some aspects of her lifestyle were smart!  She had a huge garden in her backyard and she grew enough vegetables and fruit, that she could can some to last through winter.

Her driveway was covered with gravel instead of concrete.  The trees could breathe and the ground soaked up the rain.  Concrete driveways today cause rain run-off in the streets and this results in flash floods.

The most obvious recycling I remember from Granny was her quilting.  She took scraps from her sewing basket, pieced them together and made all the grandchildren quilts when they married!  She also used discarded clothing for her quilts.

I learned the most from her gardening I suppose, because all through the year, I love growing herbs, vegetables and flowers.

When did you first learn the value of green living?

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